Handling Top Brands

TRAVELER's Company

TRAVELER'S COMPANY (TRC) consists of TRAVELER'S notebook, Brass Products, Spiral Ring notebook and other related products.

MD Paper Products

MD PAPER PRODUCTS™ are simple, Japan-made products that are designed to get the most out of our exactingly designed MD PAPER.


Midori is the core brand of Designphil. They provides functional stationery that can be enjoyed together with paper products.


KOKUYO develops Campus notebooks that are widely used by Japanese students and Jibun-Techo which are standard planners.


OHTO is a pioneer of ballpoint pens that develops and manufactures pencil-type ballpoint pens and needle point ballpoint pens ー Horizon ー.


standard & technology.
What should have been, is.

Maruman - Sketchbook

Maruman products support your creativity. Whenever you want to write or draw, Maruman is by your side.


Beyond Business Notebook.
Mnemosyne, which makes work creative, evolves with the changing values of workers, and by writing on paper, it enriches communication and responds to the values of workers.

APICA - CD Notebook

APICA is the oldest brand we have been carry on. It features a reasonable and classic design.


"kleid" means "clothes" and "dress" in German. A stationery brand that pursues the fusion of technical functionality and fashion design.

Akashiya - Brush Pen "SAI"

With the genuine feel of calligraphy brush, Akashiya brush pens will free you to fully express yourself.

Replug - Moon Calendar

"Replug" is a brand launched by creators of TDS Co., Ltd. in Tokyo. Replug wall calendar shows you phases of the moon.

Mark's - Mark'style

Mark's Inc. Japanese lifestyle staionery brand. Innovative and cool brand from Tokyo.